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    Greetings from sunny AZ!

    My history in the wellness industry goes back to 1975 after I took a hiatus from chiropractic college and a friend handed me a book entitled “The Curse Causeless Shall Not Come” ( A 30-page book that completely transformed my life.  To make a long story short, I opened a Natural Wellness Clinic and, for 20+ years, concentrated on helping people stay well and to regain wellness through natural means, using tools such as the BIA®, HMA, MemGram® Processing and a host of natural healing therapies such as iridology, reflexology, radionics, herbology, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, homeopathy, massage, colonics, osteopathy and much more.

    I traveled internationally for years, teaching health practitioners of all kinds, how to implement the BIA® into their practice. This little-known urine/saliva test is still the best-kept secret in the wellness field. It requires a lot of dedication to fully understand it, but if you apply yourself, I am convinced there is nothing like it in the universe as a pre-diagnostic tool to show you why you are sick and what to start putting in your mouth to restore wellness. I am more excited about what it tells me now than I was in 1975 simply because I better understand it. Plus, I have seen thousands of people improve their life by using it as their feedback tool to guide them to a healthy longevity.

    We had developed many specialized formulas for clients during my Natural Wellness Clinic days and thousands of people were using them, so this part of our activity continued after I retired from the clinic in 1994. Today, Longevity-Formulas Inc., is carrying on the tradition of making little-known remedies available to people who are wellness-conscious. We work closely with Biological Immunity Research Institute, a foundation that I formed after moving on from my Natural Wellness Clinic, which teaches the theory behind how and why to use the various formulas available from Longevity Formulas, Inc.

    We welcome your questions. We have answers that you will not find anywhere else, thanks to our understanding of the BIA®, the HMA and your MemGram®.


    Dr. Gary A. Martin holds DN, DSc, PhD, DNM and PScD degrees. He is not a medical doctor. He has retired from his busy wellness clinic practice of 20 years. He is still active doing wellness consulting for the Foundation (Biological Immunity Research Institute) and assisting Longevity-Formulas, Inc. in the proper formulation of their fine products. All information on this web site is presented for educational purposes only. It has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not meant to cure, treat, prevent disease, nor prescribe or to be used for diagnosis. Any observations or comments made by Dr. Martin are for general educational purposes only and simply represent Dr. Martin’s personal opinion regarding what he would do if he personally had the same expressed concerns. Please consult with your licensed Health Practitioner before following any of the protocols mentioned on this website. Please be aware that you accept all risks associated with using any of the protocols suggested by Dr. Martin. 

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