Personal JEWM Setup

The JEWM is designed to be used connected to a faucet but I prefer to use r/o water as my source water so I rigged up a 5-gallon bottle using a piece from a standard toilet float valve kit to connect to the JEWM. Thereby, starting with pure water to make even purer water.


For gravity flow, the source needs to be higher than the boiler.



The connector required standard threads so the toilet valve kit tube works great.



Notice the conversion from the 1/4″ tubing to a shutoff valve which connects to the source.



When the overflow water gets about 1/2 full I pour it back into the source container.



Since the lid gets hot and you need to periodically raise it to check on the incoming flow,
I cut a wire hanger and slightly bent each end of the cut
so it fits inside the holes on each side of the lid.




Then I reamed the hole in a standard rubber cap for a 5-gallon container
and placed in on a glass 5-gallon container. The USB powered pump is from Amazon.
The reason for the cap is because the pump is made to fit a plastic container lip, not a glass container.
Works like a charm.




The distilled water is what you want to drink.
Collect the overflow water, which is also treated water and suitable for drinking.
Either reuse the overflow water or use it for plants, gardening, etc., rather than discarding it.


With my setup, I recycle the overflow water back into the source water container.
This makes even more pure water.
John Ellis Water is the PUREST water on the planet!