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Nasal Light Therapy involves the simple process of clipping a small red light diode to the nose to illuminate the nasal cavity. Researchers have found that this act stimulates the body to re-establish the ideal internal body environment (homeostasis). Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) interprets this as balancing the energy forces (yin / yang).

Scientists who specialize in the stimulation characteristic of light (or “photobiostimulation”) know that a certain wavelength of light with the right energy dosage can safely excite molecules that signal cells to release more energy and other signals to achieve homeostasis. Collectively, the effect becomes systemic. Nasal Light Therapy illuminates the blood passing through the nasal region which then spread throughout the body through the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Facial areas may also respond directly to the light source.

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How To Use It


Homeostatic activities continuously take place inside the body but when inflammation takes place due to an infection or when cellular homeostasis is interrupted , the body’s corrective system is called into action. The signalling stimulated by light therapy as explained here, helps the body to act on a dysfunction (often referred as “negative feedback”). The result may help improve wellness, and hence, one’s quality of life.

No major side effects has been found with photobiostimulation such as this. Nor is there an introduction of a foreign substance into the body. The process merely harnesses the natural abilities of the body.

Nasal Light Therapy’s main advantage over other similar alternatives is its convenience and portability.

The technology is complementary to medications and dietary supplements in general. There are no significant contraindications and patients often experiment to learn when the right time is to use of the device. It encourages the user to take ownership of his or her own health.


Warranty: 1 year main computer unit. 90-days applicator and cord. 90-Day No-Hassle Satisfaction from Longevity Formulas. The applicator value (varies from $99 to $199 depending upon your model) is not eligible for refund due to personal hygiene issues. Your return must include original packaging in reusable condition.

Upgrade: Full credit for your purchase upon return, less the applicator value, if you decide to upgrade later to a higher model.

NOTE: We are the ONLY dealer who allows you a credit toward your purchase if you decide to upgrade later to a higher model!

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