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Spencer’s Gel is amazing!

The largest organ in the body is human skin. This highly complex organ functions as both a physical and biochemical barrier protecting the body from first and foremost the loss of water and other components to the external environment. It also protects the body from the external threats present in the environment. These include but are not limited to pathogens, chemicals, solar ultraviolet radiation, and other physical threats. Beyond this the skin also performs many life-sustaining functions including immune defense, thermoregulation, vitamin D synthesis, and sensory functions (feel/touch) among others.

One of the most important functions of the skin is a detox mechanism for the body. As such, if a body is overly acidic it will necessarily use the skin as one of the means of alleviating this condition. As the acidity leaves the body through the skin it can irritate the skin. Add to this the fact that various skin infections and imbalances (boils, open sores, eczema, dermatitis etc.) can be caused by or exacerbated by excess acidity levels in skin tissue and the problem becomes more apparent. Furthermore, because acidity leads to inflammation, the presence of inflammation can be a prime indicator of excess acidity.

Fortunately, skin is one of the most readily accessible organs of the human body for topical administration. Our gel is the perfect vehicle for this administration. Whether acidity is the cause or the effect of any skin condition, our hydroxide gel will provide the body with what it needs to naturally combat the acidity. The hydroxide in our gel works in the same way as the hydroxide in our concentrate – it hunts down acidity to eliminate it. Because the result of this elimination is new water molecules, the skin is also hydrated. The elimination of acidity and the hydration of the skin further frees up oxygen that can then be used to oxygenate the skin cells. The process is simple:


The gel removes acidity, supporting beautiful skin. The time frame is different for everyone, depending on how much acid is in your skin.

You will be surprised at how fast Spencer’s Gel does its thing!

pHenomenal Water is 100% natural consisting of hydroxide concentrate in a xanthan gum base with the organic orange and lemon essential oils added. That is it. There is no alcohol or other preservatives. Nothing artificial is added. As noted elsewhere, our hydroxide comes from limestone making it completely natural.

Keep in mind that Spencer’s Gel is pHenomenal Water placed into a medium that will stick to the skin. You can likely get the same results by placing pHenomenal Water into a spray bottle, but you would have to keep spraying (pHenomenal Water evaporates) because it needs to stay wet to work.

8 oz. pump bottle