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  • Flush Sticky Crud From Blood Vessels Before It Becomes A Crisis!
  • Support Healthy Circulation In Your Veins & Arteries.
  • Support A Healthy Blood Pressure.
  • Support A Healthy Cholesterol Level.
  • Support A Healthy Longevity.
  • Feel the Flow.
  • Enjoy Energy, Happiness, Vitality.

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This story goes way back to 1994…

I had closed my natural wellness clinic of 20 years and created a company called HealthWatchers System (HWS) to take many of the products that we had created directly to the consumer.

Some of you reading this may remember — if you are an “old-timer” like me.

After 20 years of operating a natural wellness clinic and seeing many people with circulation issues, I had developed a formula called CIRCULATION for HealthWatchers System. We had a liquid version and a tablet version, but the tablet version was more popular.

The purpose of the product is to be a gentle “roto-rooter” for the arteries and veins, dissolving the excess calcium and plaque that was blocking circulation to the extremities and to vital organs such as the heart and brain.

I had listened to way too many people complaining about their strokes, heart attacks, vein blockages, and worse, due to a lifetime of poor food and lifestyle choices that had resulted in plugged arteries and veins.

The product worked very well to restore circulation. The liquid version was eventually discontinued in favor of the tablets.  We received hundreds of positive reviews from users who continued using the capsules.

I sold HealthWatchers System in 2000, took two years off, and founded a new brand in 2002. Yes, you guessed it, the circulation formula was one of the first products we manufactured, but this time with a bunch of extra ingredients for heart health and more. Again, it was one of our most popular products. For good reason…it worked!

The problem with having the extra ingredients is that I now believe they interfere with the action of the EDTA, and also with the thinning of the blood that should naturally occur when you dissolve the excess calcium and accumulated plaque that could cause major issues.

When I sold the brand in 2019, the circulation formula was still one of the best-selling products with a high reorder rate. This is a great testimony to the efficacy of the product.

This brings me to the present. Even though I am “pushing 80”, I still consult with people around the world via telephone, email, Skype, Zoom, educating them regarding a urine/saliva test (BIA®) and a Hair Mineral Analysis (HMA) that can tell them why they have their problems and what they can do about it.

I am a confessed workaholic, I love what I do – helping others to a better life. I am repeatedly been asked what I do for circulation issues. I explain that I take the circulation formula and nattokinase 3x daily and have for years. I battle high sugars and the resulting circulation issues. The combination of these two products keeps my arteries clear, my blood flowing and me out of the hospital.

However, my regimen has now changed!

One day, it hit me! I should remove the extra ingredients in the original circulation formula and replace it with the highest quality Nattokinase I could find. Plus, for better absorption, put the product into a capsule, not a tablet.

Then, I should release this upgraded formula, which can benefit thousands of people looking to solve their nagging circulation issues. Best of all, I could save a LOT of money by not having to buy 2 or more separate products.

And, I was eliminating a lot of items that I believe have the potential to ruin the positive effects of both the EDTA and the Nattokinase.

I know there are EDTA Crème products available, but your problem is inside your body, not on the outside. It never made any sense to me to work from the outside inward for this situation.

Why Nattokinase? This is an amazing substance, originally researched and used extensively by the Japanese, who have the lowest rate of heart and cardiovascular disease rate on the planet. They eat a lot of natto, fermented food that I consider nasty.

But, a natural enzyme in natto was discovered to naturally dissolve blood clots, support healthy blood pressure, support healthy arteries and veins, support healthy thin blood and more. Yes, you guessed it, the enzyme is called Nattokinase. It is a perfect match to be combined with the EDTA in CIRCULATE-MX.

The problem is that I had to produce a minimum of 5000 bottles just to get CIRCULATE-MX into production. That is a lot of cash but this product is as much for me as it is for you, so I am making this product available to you at the lowest price possible. I need volume so that I can continue making the product for myself as well as you!

Join with me and begin taking CIRCULATE-MX today, before you have a major health crisis. It is easier to remain healthy than it is to re-work a tired, plugged-up, degenerated body.

If you already have known circulation issues, it is time to start taking CIRCULATION-MX and regain the lost energy and circulation to the extremities and vital organs.

The benefits of increased blood flow to every cell in your body are tremendous! This is true from the bedroom to the workplace.

You don’t know good you can feel and how much energy you can have until you feel as good as you did when you were 20!


Ingredients: A proprietary blend of calcium disodium EDTA and nattokinase. 560 mg per capsule. Vegetarian capsule, rice bran, silica.


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