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We recommend choosing Chocolate for the Detox protocol and choosing Vanilla when you are adding to smoothies, etc. See the DNS Detox Protocol here.


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You know how important it is to fuel your body on a daily basis with the nutrients it needs to thrive. The problem is, even if you’re eating healthy, it’s nearly impossible to achieve optimal nutrition through food alone (even organic). This is why the EquiLife Daily Nutritional Support was formulated. It is a vegan, hypoallergenic protein powder, fortified with a wide range of activated vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, detox co-factors, and electrolytes, making it a one-stop shop to fill the nutritional gaps in your diet.

  • 12 nutritional supplements in one
  • Provides 15 g of vegan, hypoallergenic protein
  • Supports liver detoxification
  • Provides the daily energy you need
  • Vitamin, mineral, antioxidant and electrolyte formula


While many protein supplements only deliver protein, our Daily Nutritional Support also provides carefully formulated amounts of the recommended micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) needed daily for our body to function at its best. This powerful nutritional blend also includes beneficial antioxidants that help promote healthy skin and bones, support protein synthesis, plus the ongoing maintenance and performance of essential daily functions. Many of the vitamins come in an activated, methylated form, which are the easiest form for the body to absorb and utilize efficiently. A blend of electrolytes is added to boost energy, support hydration, and optimize daily detoxification.

The body uses electrolytes to transport key nutrients across cell membranes via a process called osmosis. This natural process works optimally when the correct balance of minerals is maintained in the body. Incorporating key minerals in the correct ratio including manganese, sodium, and potassium, the Daily Nutritional Support promotes healthy hydration and overall health. A hypoallergenic blend of pea and rice protein makes it suitable for a variety of dietary requirements, utilizing plant-based energy to start your day. In addition to the benefits of a multivitamin and mineral, powerful antioxidants have been added to protect the body from free radicals. Broccophane, an antioxidant found in broccoli is added for its ability to assist the liver with detoxification. Alpha-lipoic acid, a universal antioxidant that is soluble in both water and fat, helps protect all areas of the body from oxidative stress.


You deserve it all — health, energy, vitality and your ideal body.

In our modern world there are an increasing number of challenges preventing you from looking and feeling your best. From household cleaning products to personal care and cosmetics, you come in contact with more toxins before you leave your house than you can count. Add to that, environmental pollutants, chemicals from food and day-to-day stress and it’s no wonder you feel powerless to take back your health.

The truth is that regaining control over your health is easier than you think — and it starts by addressing the underlying reasons that are keeping you stuck where you are right now. By combining the science of Functional Medicine with ancient Ayurvedic traditions, the EquiLife 7-Day Detox is a comprehensive method of restoring the body to a state of dynamic equilibrium.

Suggested Daily Use:

Use 1 Vanilla packet daily in a smoothie, mixed with 8-10 oz. of nut milk, or in water, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Each packet contains 1 scoop. 14 packets per box.


We highly recommend this 7-day detox, especially if you have high ureas or a high ammonia nitrogen. Better yet, do it for 14 days. See the protocol here. To extend it to 14 days, either repeat the 7-Day regimen or do each day twice.

  • 7-Day Detox = includes AYA Detox | FM Detox | Daily Nutritional Support Chocolate (16 oz)
  • You may need to order an additional DNS (Chocolate) below to complete the detox.


  • Daily Nutritional Support (Chocolate) 14 packets – use with Detox
  • Daily Nutritional Support (Vanilla) 14 packets – use in fruit smoothies
  • Daily Nutritional Support (Chocolate) Jar – 14 servings.
  • AYU-Detox = 28 capsules – use with Detox
  • FM-Detox  =  28 capsules – use with Detox

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Chocolate (14) Packets = $46.95, Chocolate (14) Jar = $46.95, Vanilla (14) Packets= $46.95, Vanilla (14) Jar = $46.95, AYU Detox (28) = $34.95, FM Detox (28) = $34.95, 7-Day Detox Pak Chocolate = $99, 7-Day Detox Pak Vanilla = $99