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44+ Years of Clinical Experience and Research has Taught Me That…

• The reason you get sick is because the frequency your body is emanating falls out of alignment with what you need to be healthy.

• The reason you get diagnosed with a disease is because you have allowed your body vibration to degrade to a level that supports disease rather than health and wellness.

• The reason you can restore wellness by changing your diet is because the foods you are eating restore your body frequency to a level that supports health & wellness rather than the disease process.

• The reason you feel better when you take the correct dietary supplementation for your body chemistry imbalance is because of the vibration or frequency of the supplements, not necessarily because of what metabolic processes they supposedly support.

• The reason why people are dying due to opioid overdose is because their body frequency is so messed up by the drugs that they cannot exist within this physical dimension any longer. This is what a poison does. It winds you up like one of those kid’s toys that you repeatedly push down on the center spindle and it goes faster and faster. You let it go and it keeps spinning and eventually it falls over. This is what drugs do to you.

In other words, life is about frequency. It is about vibration.

A frequency too high winds you up and you get nothing done because you are trying to do everything. You end up spinning out of control, having a nervous breakdown, a heart attack or some other unfortunate event.

A frequency too low pulls you down, drains your energy and you get nothing done because you are too tired to do it. Finally, your frequency gets so low that you decide it is OK to die.

In other words, life is about frequency.


My name is Dr. Martin. I am age 79 and have spent 44 years practicing and researching wellness by looking for reasons why some people live life fully and why others suffer needlessly. Being raised on a farm, I was raised with a very common-sense approach to life so I have been attracted to what I call “Wellness Common-Sense”. In other words, the basics. I wanted to know if there are some basic reasons why a person isn’t enjoying a healthy longevity and if they correct that does their life improve?

Almost 20 years ago I founded a brand called Healthy Habits®. We were very successful and developed some wonderful products. I recently sold the brand because, after 44 years of clinical experience and research, and after seeing thousands of blood tests, hair mineral analyses and urine/saliva tests, I am convinced that until you correct the frequency of the water, the blood, that is circulating within your body, no amount of “correct living” is going to make a long-term difference in your health.

You can exercise all you want, pop all the pills you want and drink all the juice and smoothies and eat all the food you believe to be right for you but if you are not successful in altering the frequency at which your blood vibrates, you may feel better for a while but eventually you will find yourself right back where you started.


For 44+ years I have consulted with thousands of clients and while I have developed hundreds of powerful natural formulas that contained the best ingredients possible and assisted these clients to a better life there were still those “mystery” clients who would reach a plateau that they just couldn’t get past or would degenerate to previous levels.

Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg said it best 50+ years ago during his pre-laureate speech, “Nobody can say that we do not know what is the prime cause of cancer. Ignorance is no longer an excuse for avoiding measures for prevention. How long a cancer cure will be avoided depends upon how long the profit prophets succeed in inhibiting the application of cures based on scientific knowledge, not just in the cancer field, also in the treatment of diabetes using methods to clear coronary arteries and minute veins in the eyes which will prevent blindness, and capillaries in fingers and toes in diabetics who need such minute veins and arteries opened to prevent the need to amputate fingers and toes. In the meantime, millions of people have unnecessarily died of cancer.”

A big problem today is that when you ingest ordinary water that is disease-memory contaminated the results are irreversible and the loss is traumatic to your body.

A test on Philadelphia water revealed over 56 different drugs in the public drinking water supply. Do not believe for a second that this problem is limited to just one city. People everywhere are flushing their diseases and their drugs down into the water table. You need something to destroy this disease-memory in the water you drink.

Some people think that a water filter or ordinary distiller is a solution however this will not work for most of the harmful drugs, diseases and impurities found in today’s water supply. It is about the frequency of the water. Don’t forget that. Don’t fall for the illusion that if the water looks good and comes in a bottle then it is better for you than ordinary water.

Years ago I pioneered the development of a water product called BioVitale-H2O® which is still one of the top-selling Healthy Habits® products today. It was revolutionary, based on the work of John Ellis who developed technology to change the properties of water so it technically isn’t water. Some would call it “light water”.

The same process used to make BioVitale-H2O® is necessary to make my revolutionary new Healthy Vibes® product because it is the only water that has the hydrogen bond angle of the water increased to 114 degrees. This makes the water super-absorbable and enables the body to send this water to the darkest, deepest crevices of your lymphatic system to nourish every cell in your body that is starving for oxygen and a healthy frequency. Remember the words of Dr. Otto Warburg above.


Now, after years of research, we have developed the patent-pending technology to imbed the frequency of Love & Gratitude into the BioVitale-H2O® so that the vibration of every cell in your body can be lifted up to sing a beautiful song of Love & Gratitude emanating from your very being.

When this happens you will be transformed to a higher frequency. The same frequency that you experience when you are feeling good, happy, excited, when you hear birds singing a beautiful sound, or little children laughing and immensely enjoying life. Love & Gratitude will flow from you which attracts people, places, circumstances and events that are life-changing, allowing you to manifest what you want to BE-DO-HAVE. You will finally be able to manifest what you desire and deserve.


• Become immune to obstacles keeping you from your goals.

• Become immune to health conditions degrading your quality of life.

• Improve your financial condition.

• BE-DO-HAVE what you desire and deserve.

• Clear health-damaging stress resulting from bad relationships.

• Become immune to work-related stress.

• Clear negative emotions that set you up for failure.

• Become an abundance contributor to family, friends, co-workers, community.

• Clear the negative blocks keeping you from your spiritual aspirations.

• Remove energy blocks keeping you stuck.

• Create a reality that represents what you want to BE-DO-HAVE.





“Send another 6 bottles! I can’t keep a negative thought in my head. I have given all of my first order away and don’t want to be without this fabulous product!” — D.W., MD


“Hello… Some great news. Started the Love & Gratitude 7 days ago using it in all liquid consumed. I had used up the first bottle on 2/13. Starting on 2/14 I began having regular bowel movements. That might not seem like much to the average person but this is amazing for me as I been having issues my entire life in reference to passing ANYTHING.  I am now on bottle 3 and expecting wondrous things over the next few weeks and months.” — D.G., AZ


“Amazing! That is all I have to say. My outlook is so improved.” — P.D., GA


“My relationships continue to improve. I now give and receive more love. I no longer feel isolated. Any tension dissipates quickly and easily. I have forgiven people I thought impossible to forgive. I used to feel hopeless because I knew I would sabotage anything good I might attract, but no more.”


“I have received incredible healing. I must have had blocked energy in my upper right shoulder and right arm which had given me intense pain for years. These areas appear to be completely healed. I couldn’t be happier. It is a miracle, and I am so grateful.”


“For years I had a cloud of negativity hanging over me that caused me to undermine any attempt at confidently moving forward. Now, I am a bright light among the darkness and my life is finally working out like I wanted.”


“My workplace was dreadful. The stress was killing me. Now, I am experiencing love from my co-workers and people in general. I am so grateful. I don’t know if it was always there, and I didn’t accept it or I’m attracting it. Maybe both. It is lovely and such a relief. I now feel safe to express the love I have for people, and I can feel the gratitude.”


“My relationship with my spouse has improved remarkably. Now we are communicating about feelings and not taking things personally when we disagree. I am more confident. I am a writer and recently received word one of my stories was accepted for a big fat check in the mail.”


“I used to have terrible thyroid and autoimmune issues. Now my doctor tells me all is completely normal! I am so grateful.”


“The life-long dread and anxiety I have always felt before traveling, especially out of the country, is gone.”


“Lots of uncomfortable emotions are gone including stuck feelings such as fear and shame!”


“My joint pain is almost entirely gone. My focus has improved.”


“I have gone from being extremely anxiety-ridden on a constant basis to completely calm–this has been a lifelong problem and is an absolutely amazing outcome!”


“I am so much happier now. It is incredible. I am filled with gratitude.”


“I have dissolved the negativity that has held me back from success.”


“I am getting more organized than I have in years. It is making a huge difference and my family notices my change in attitude.”


“My intuition is stronger and my intention is actually carried through. I am grateful.”


“I am experiencing my Spirit for the first time in my life.”


“My life-long anxiety is gone. I can travel and better adjust to new people and places.”


“I used to dread getting up in the morning. I used to have a lot of confusion and anxiety. All that has changed. I am filled with love and gratitude.”




Are you ready to embrace this unique healing method? This is your opportunity to fill your body with Love & Gratitude!

Are YOU ready to have good things happen to you, your life, your family, your bank account? It sounds silly but many people are more comfortable dealing with their difficulties rather than believing things can be better. Your life CAN change and it WILL change if you can fill yourself with Love & Gratitude!

Change the quality of the water in every cell and your life can and will become everything that you desire it to be! Will it happen overnight? Of course not, but the journey of a 100 miles begins with the first step.

The process of manufacturing such a revolutionary product such as Healthy Vibes® Love & Gratitude was a daunting project and we succeeded. This is no ordinary product.

We had to be sure that the frequency, the vibration of Love & Gratitude, was properly embedded. We use water because water has a memory. But, we could not use just any water, it had to be the purest tasting water available. Please Note: We are not able to produce hundreds of thousands of bottles in a batch.

This means you need to order NOW if you want your life to change for the better ASAP!

Healthy Vibes® Love & Gratitude is packaged in a 2-oz dropper bottle. It needs to be stored in a cool, dark, quiet place but does not need refrigeration and it needs to be at least 9 feet away from your microwave at all times.


Healthy Vibes® Love & Gratitude is required to be stored and shipped to you in specially designed foam to protect it from outside negative frequencies. The cost of this special shipping makes shipping just 1 or 2 bottles impractical. Plus, most people, especially those who can benefit most from this product, are so steeped in low, negative frequencies that it requires several bottles to begin to change their life.

Imagine your life to be a big boulder that is blocking your path to a better life, less pain, more money, greater happiness, increased romance, more ability to be a source of Love and Gratitude to and for others.

You have to move this boulder out of the way so you can get on with your new life. It requires much more force to begin making the boulder roll than it does to keep it rolling. This is why it requires several bottles of Love & Gratitude to get things rolling for many people, especially those who need this product most.

In addition, we do not want you to be burdened by the cost of shipping. As a result, assuming you could purchase just one bottle it would cost you $69. This is impractical for many people, especially those who need it most.

Therefore, we have designed a special offer that gives you 6 bottles for the price of 3 bottles, PLUS you still get FREE Shipping! 

Why 6 bottles? We know that if you use Healthy Vibes® for 6 months amazing things are going to happen to your body and your life! This offer is temporary so act NOW!

This special offer gives the Love & Gratitude frequency time to work in your life. We absolutely guarantee your satisfaction with our 180-day No Hassle Satisfaction Guarantee. The only way you lose is to refuse our offer.


You have a generous 180-day no-hassle return policy on your purchase, but it requires that you use at least 4 bottles during a 4-month period before you return anything.

No refunds will be given for returns before your 4-month period has ended. Why 4 bottles? We know that if you use Healthy Vibes® for 4 months amazing things are going to happen to your body and your life!

What this product does for you is going to amaze even the skeptics but do not expect to take one bottle and wake up one morning to a pain-free body, more money in the bank, more romance, less stress and more Love & Gratitude in your life. True, this is going to happen for some of you, but not most. It is an incremental, exponential process that requires time to produce the desired life changes.

Still skeptical? Of course you are. This is why we give you 6 bottles and a six-month no-hassle satisfaction guarantee. Love & Gratitude needs time to work life changes.

Pick up the phone and ORDER! You have NOTHING to lose except your old, boring, stressful, deficient life! But, do NOT order unless you commit to faithfully using this product every day until all the bottles have been used. The proof is in the pudding! No returns accepted until after you have used a minimum of 4 bottles for at least 4-month period. You have up to 6 months to use your no-hassle guarantee.


The below movies are included for your SOUND education. James Donovan is one of the best and his techniques are proven. There is a myriad of people releasing audio and video recordings with varying techniques. Research is showing that sound healing is real and I predict it is the next healing wave that is coming like a tsunami. Big Pharma and others will fight this concept like the plague because it puts healing into the hands of the people and threatens the entire disease industry.

Our proposal is that we have developed the technology to embed the healing sound frequency into the purest water available which allows it to be carried to every cell in your body, restoring wellness and allowing you to create the reality for yourself that you desire and deserve.

Our Healthy Vibes® brand is a REVOLUTIONARY idea and Love & Gratitude is the first of many products to be released to assist you to restore the proper frequency to your body so that your mind is back under your control to create the reality that you desire and deserve.


Contains: Multi-distilled, ionized, electron-activated water, proprietary trace mineral blend, essential oil of spearmint (Mentha spicata). Patent-pending technology designed to imprint the frequency of Love & Gratitude into the water was used to prepare this product.







These photos will give you a glimpse of the patent-pending technology
required to produce this amazing product.




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