John Ellis Water Machine

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Produce the best water on the planet!

Get your circulation and your life back.

13 International patents and 332 approved FDA studies.

JE Water reportedly has 30 TIMES THE MEASURABLE ENERGY of ANY other water.

Drinking JE Water is the single most important thing you can do for your health…other than breathing!

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Produce the best water on the planet!

Get your circulation and your life back.

13 International patents and 332 approved FDA studies.

John Ellis Water reportedly has 30 TIMES THE MEASURABLE ENERGY of ANY other water.

Drinking JE Water is the single most important thing you can do for your health…other than breathing!

The proof is in the pudding. Drink JE Water for 90 days and you will be as convinced as I am. I know a thing or two about water. I have studied water since 1975. We were the first people to import alkaline water machines into the USA from Japan. The Asians are years ahead of the USA in water research and technology.

This is the best and most effective water I have ever consumed. I will not be without it.

Lots of product reviews and research information on The guy is 90 years young and a great testimonial to what consuming JE water does for the human body. Do you have a problem? Don’t take another pill or do anything drastic to your body until you have spent 90-days drinking JE Water.

If you cannot afford a machine, start adding Love & Gratitude to every bit of fluid you consume daily until you can afford this water machine. Adding Love & Gratitude to all of your consumed fluids is the next best thing to drinking John Ellis Water but, as good as it is, it still is not a replacement for drinking JE Water.


It’s a moment well water users dread—you turn on the tap and out gushes cloudy, discolored, or foul-smell water. Something’s wrong with the well. Fortunately, many common well water issues can be solved with John Ellis Water. Thousands of wells have been cleaned up over the years because of John Ellis Water. How does this work? Well, it is all because of the power of hydrogen.

Turn the well pump off and pour ten gallons of energized water down the well. Leave the pump off for 4 hours and then turn the pump back on and open up your faucets. In extreme cases the water may run black for 24 hours as it cleans out all the junk in the well casing and pipes before it returns to purity. Open faucets as close to the well as possible, avoiding filters, softners etc. Just as you have to wait for hot water to reach your sink from a hot water heater only a few feet away, you have to leave your faucets open for hours (depending on the depth of the well) in order for a well to clear itself.


STEP 1 – Make 10 gallons of water (distilled or overflow water, it does not matter).

STEP 2 – Flush the water down the toilet. In 24 hours the septic tank will be treated.


First, clean the hot tub thoroughly. Consider adding Clorox® to the hot tub to clean the lines that lead to the pump. Run the pump for a few minutes. Then pump out all the water and add about 10 gallons of energized water to fresh water in the hot tub. Change the cellulose filter regularly to get rid of dead skin cells and have the timer set to regularly circulate the water. Do this just one time and it can last for years with no treatment. When you add chemicals to a hot tub they go through your skin defeating the purpose of having a hot tub.


A dairy farmer called and explained that he was in danger of losing his dairy farm because his milk production has gone way down. He was told that it had to do with his well water. The farmer proceeded to treat his well with the water. The bacteria level after treating his well went to “zero”. The University of Minnesota monitored his well before and after treating his well with John Ellis Water.

The Milk Production chart located here shows the milk production went up every month for the whole year.



Due to the nature of the JE Water Machine, we cannot accept returns due to sanitary and hygiene precautions. We do occasionally have requests for used units and we are happy to put you in touch with someone looking for a used unit.

Is Your Home Water Filtration System Working?

How do you know the water you are drinking is clean? That is a good question, as millions of homes in the United States are purifying the water they drink, the questions remains, am I drinking clean water?

To many people, a surprise awaits them. Few people know there is no United States Government Agency that regulates the claims made by vendors of water filters, distillers or other purification systems. There is no government agency that tests these products to see if they are safe.

Recently the National Institute of Health did research on Brita water filters. The results were shocking.

“The microbiological quality of filtered water in a commercial water filter system (Brita) was tested in households and in two laboratories. In 24 of 34 filters used in households, bacterial counts increased in the filtered water up to 6,000 cfu/ml. In 4 of 6 filters tested in the laboratory, bacterial counts in the fresh filtrate were higher than in tap water after approximately one week of use both at room temperature and at 4 degrees C, suggesting growth or biofilm formation in the filter material.

In some cases, colony counts in the filtered water were 10,000 times those in tap water. The filter material of 5 of 13 new commercial filters was contaminated with bacteria or molds. National or international regulatory agencies should ensure that water filters marketed for domestic use do not allow deterioration in the microbiological quality of drinking water.”

The National Institute of Health found that using a Brita water filter was making the quality of the water passed through the filter even worse.

John Ellis has been saying this for decades:

“I am now in my 89th year! One of the reasons is because many years ago I noticed “single-pass” water filters and distillers (like making tinctures; concentrating chemicals you want to remove) were causing heart attacks, strokes and cancer from environmental chemicals like plastic phthalates found in all tap water that DRAIN YOUR ENERGY and HAVE BEEN SHOWN TO CAUSE CANCER!”

That is why John Ellis water machines recycle water 100’s of times/gallon (not once) to change the properties of water with 13 International Patents 332 FDA Tests.

Watch the Energy Video. Use any water you desire and you will find they all require 31 amps to split into Hydrogen and Oxygen. John Ellis Water requires LESS THAN ONE AMP while making the SAME AMOUNT OF HYDROGEN ENERGY. This leaves plenty of energy for healing and helping provide for healthy longevity.



We have had the John Ellis Water Machine for years, never tried this before. We have a 33,000-gallon swimming pool. The filter was broken and the water had turned DEEP olive green with green foam and scum on it. Chlorine was not working no matter how much I added. The repairman was called to fix the filter and he said try to clean up the water or the filter would quickly be overloaded. I told him that the chlorine/shock was not working but he had nothing to help. Today we left for a meeting at 11 a.m. and before we left I added 5 gallons of energized water to the pool. Upon returning home about 6 hours later my wife said “look at the pool”. Virtually all the green was gone and the water was almost blue. I could not believe it. How does this water do this? This is amazing. Just imagine what good things it is doing to your body when you consume it daily.” — Gordy

“A nurse, impressed while looking at a patient’s red blood cells ( A John Ellis Water Drinker) on a slide under a microscope, wrote a letter to John Ellis after the patient recovered from a heart attack, noting that “the little round red blood cells was the reason why my patient brought that miraculous machine with her to the hospital. I see now why she has that machine. We could see an immediate change in the red blood cells. It was amazing!” – Anonymous

John Ellis responded to the nurse: “You saw that because our system weakens the bonds of the blood cell. The hydrogen bond angle is 114° which creates the ability of water to pass through a membrane and penetrate the cell. That’s why when people buy normal single pass distillers, the content in the distiller will be 104° when the distiller is turned on, it will boil and the bond angle of the water will expand anywhere from 108° to 110°. When the water cools, it will always cool to 101°”. – Anonymous

“The VA cannot believe that I do not have xxx anymore. Many doctors know about the JE water machine and have one but they can’t talk about it. Even Sloan Kettering Institute has them in their laboratory but they don’t talk about it.” — Alan Burdine