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Body Lotions Are Not All Alike

Your skin is your largest organ and is vulnerable to the environment. Skin is the barrier between you and the increasingly toxic world. Its role is to protect you from the elements and harmful microbes, aid in the regulation of body temperature and allow you the sensations of heat, cold and touch. Caring for your skin IS caring for your health and is something to take seriously. Since it is porous it will absorb whatever it’s exposed to. Approximately 60% of substances applied to the skin are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream.

The structure and size of chemicals is one important factor that determines whether or not a substance will be absorbed. Products containing nanoparticles and penetration enhancers are designed to penetrate the skin quickly and are found in an increasing number of mainstream creams, lotions and sunscreens. There’s no way to know the effects of combinations of the many chemicals you may be applying to your skin on a regular basis.

When the CDC studied the blood of more than 10,000 Americans they found hundreds of chemical toxins, including in those living in remote areas. Many of the synthetic chemicals discovered are ingredients in mainstream personal care products. Choosing products based on the ingredients list is as important for personal care products as it is for food and supplements.

Effective Even for Arizona Skin

There’s no need to worry about what you’re putting on your skin when you apply Longevity Lotion. Only the finest natural moisturizing ingredients are incorporated into this luxurious lotion. Since we’re headquartered in Arizona, we made sure this lotion would be deeply hydrating even for people who live in the desert.

The base of Aloe Vera Gel, Hempseed Oil, Sesame Seed Oil and Shea Butter nourishes with a perfect balance of essential fatty acids, vitamins A & E and natural skin hydrators, giving you deeply penetrating hydration for your skin. Antioxidants protect against free radical damage and minimize signs of premature aging.

We included Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which is what makes a baby’s skin so soft and supple. HA acts as a lubricant in your eyes, joints, internal fluids and connective tissues. Half of the body’s HA is in the skin. It is considered the primary molecule involved in skin moisture. Over time our HA levels drop which leads to difficulty maintaining moisture.

  • HA holds up to 1000 times its own weight in water, thereby plumping the skin and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles while firming and toning the skin.
  • HA acts as a space filler by binding to water and maintaining moisture.
  • HA improves the barrier that protects the skin and makes it more resilient.
  • HA supports your skin’s ability to heal and repair.
  • HA supports collagen synthesis; in a moist environment the collagen can stretch without breaking

Sodium PCA (NaPCA) is a natural humectant that continuously attracts moisture from the air. As you age the levels you were born with decline. By including NaPCA in Longevity Lotion we maximize the ability of your skin to attract and maintain moisture. Moist skin is healthier skin*.

There are no toxic chemicals in Longevity Lotion – no artificial fragrances and no toxins for your liver to filter.

Longevity Lotion will quickly become your favorite lotion Use it today for softer, younger looking skin!*

Always apply Longevity Lotion to damp skin for best results.*

The Fountain of Youth — Chirality

Life is possible because of chirality.

Vitamin C is chiral. It exists as L-ascorbic acid and also D-ascorbic acid.

L-ascorbic acid is good for the body. D-ascorbic acid is not good for the body.

The “L” and “D” refer to the right hand or left hand spin of the molecules. Our body uses l-amino acids. D-amino acids cannot be used.

A good example of what can happen when you use the wrong molecular chirality is the tragic thalidomide story. Thalidomide is a morning sickness drug that was given to pregnant women. It was produced as a mixture of both the L and D molecules (mixed chirality). One chiral was good (sedative) but the other chiral was bad (birth defects).

The drug companies learned a good lesson from this and are now heavily investing in chiral research to determine which molecular spin direction makes the most efficient and safe drug.

Another example is Aspartame (Nutra- Sweet). There are four possible chirality forms with this molecule. Only one of them is sweet. The other 3 are bitter. By understanding chirality, the commercialization of aspartame was possible.

Chirality Very Important In Skin Care

The concept of chirality is very important in skin care because the body’s receptors are all chiral. They are like gloves that are made to fit only the correct hand.

Skin care products need to be chirally correct for the proper fit onto the skin’s receptors. This results in an effective product. This is a formulating secret that you will be hearing more about in the years to come.

All NuCell® Formulas ingredients, whenever available, are chirally correct for the application intended, even though it increases the cost of producing the formulas. NuCell® makes a difference at the cellular level. These are not just cover-up products.

This is another reason why our referrals are growing daily.

Set The Stage For Healthy New Cell Growth

You don’t want a product that just shoves your problem down into the lower layers of your skin, only to emerge years later as a terrible skin condition because it wasn’t properly dealt with in the beginning. You want a product that sets the stage for your body’s healthy new cell growth.


Ingredients: Purified oxygenated water, aloe vera gel, glycerin, hempseed oil, vitamin E acetate, centella Asiatica extract, hyaluronic acid, dexapanthenol (vitamin B5), shea butter, vitamin A palmitate, sodium PCA, alpha bisabolol, phynoxyenthanol , grapeseed extract.

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    “I had knee surgery and I used the lotion on my incision! It healed right up and you can hardly see the scar! Your product works great!” — 04/05/2007

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