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Mineral Cell Salts







What are spagyric mineral cell salts? Ask yourself, what are the building blocks of the body? The cell of course. All our internal organs our skin our blood all made up of cells. The health of our body is dependent upon the health of the smallest part of our body; the cell. Our cells are replaced cyclically on a regular basis. When the cell does not have the proper materials that it needs to be a healthy cell, our overall health suffers. Cell Salts provide the components that our cells need to be healthy. Taken on a regular basis over a period of time our cells rebuild themselves with the proper healthy materials that we need.

Shuessler, a German Biologist, found that according to the time of year we are born we are deficient in three of the cell salts. Replenishing that deficiency through micro-cell nutrients greatly improves the health of the body. It was also found as well that the cell salts provide remedies for many illnesses, not as a medicine, but as an enhancer for the health of the body on a cellular level, helping the body to heal itself.

These salts are offered for sale individually or as a set of 12 for extra savings. Use as specific remedies or take all twelve as a daily supplement. Our mineral cell salts are unique in the process that they are created. Known as spagyric, (to separate and recombine), each component of the mineral is separated and purified to its highest perfection and recombined, aged like a fine wine, and offered as a superior product working on all levels of mind, body, and spirit for health, healing and well-being.

One of the ways in which Terra Vitae cell salts are a unique product that cannot be found anywhere lies in both the spagyric process and the age of the Mother Salts. Alchemical Healing Products of the Mineral Kingdom, typically become more potent with Age. Robert Bartlett, under the direction of Frater Albertus (Albert Reidel), of the Paracelsus Research Society in Salt Lake City Utah, originally mined and developed these Mother Salts over 30 years ago. The Spagyric Mineral process in order to be properly made and aged require at least 20 years. And so if someone started today, they would not have the same product for a very long time.


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