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NuCell® Nature Wash may be used alone or as an addition to other clinical regimens. NuCell® Nature Wash is a combination anti-aging cleansing formula with a gentle foaming action to remove dead skin cells that clog pores and impede moisturization.

This product is designed for extremely sensitive skin. Persons with normal skin sensitivity may use NuCell® GH3-REJUV Exfoliating Wash.

NuCell® Nature Wash creates a youthful radiance, minimizes the appearance of skin pores.

This product is for normal to oily to mature skin types to increase exfoliation.

Use daily depending upon skin type. Apply with fingertips, using a massaging action. Rinse thoroughly with warm water or with Pink Relief™ Mist.

The Fountain of Youth — Chirality

Life is possible because of chirality.

Vitamin C is chiral. It exists as L-ascorbic acid and also D-ascorbic acid.

L-ascorbic acid is good for the body. D-ascorbic acid is not good for the body.

The “L” and “D” refer to the right hand or left hand spin of the molecules. Our body uses l-amino acids. D-amino acids cannot be used.

A good example of what can happen when you use the wrong molecular chirality is the tragic thalidomide story. Thalidomide is a morning sickness drug that was given to pregnant women. It was produced as a mixture of both the L and D molecules (mixed chirality). One chiral was good (sedative) but the other chiral was bad (birth defects).

The drug companies learned a good lesson from this and are now heavily investing in chiral research to determine which molecular spin direction makes the most efficient and safe drug.

Another example is Aspartame (Nutra- Sweet). There are four possible chirality forms with this molecule. Only one of them is sweet. The other 3 are bitter. By understanding chirality, the commercialization of aspartame was possible.

Chirality Very Important In Skin Care

The concept of chirality is very important in skin care because the body’s receptors are all chiral. They are like gloves that are made to fit only the correct hand.

Skin care products need to be chirally correct for the proper fit onto the skin’s receptors. This results in an effective product. This is a formulating secret that you will be hearing more about in the years to come.

All NuCell Formulas®  ingredients, whenever available, are chirally correct for the application intended, even though it increases the cost of producing the formulas. NuCell Formulas® makes a difference at the cellular level. These are not just cover-up products.

This is another reason why our referrals are growing daily.

Set The Stage For Healthy New Cell Growth

You don’t want a product that just shoves your problem down into the lower layers of your skin, only to emerge years later as a terrible skin condition because it wasn’t properly dealt with in the beginning. You want a product that sets the stage for your body’s healthy new cell growth.

DOES NOT CONTAIN: DEA, Propylene glycol, SLS, SLES or synthetic B vitamins. No animal testing.

Contains: A unique, natural, anti-aging cleansing wash containing: Purified oxygenated water, saponified oils of coconut and olive, vegetable glycerin, potassium hydroxide, panthenol, aloe leaf extract, allantoin, peppermint oil, phynoxyethanol, DMAE, PABA, ginkgo biloba extract, pearlizer. The pH and REDOX are balanced to facilitate results. The color and fragrance are natural.


“I love the NuCell® Nature Wash! My face feels good and clean after using it.” — Freda, Ca

“I love how the foaming action of your NuCell® NATURE WASH removes my makeup. I am very impressed with your NuCell skin-care products.” — Sharon, IN

“It works pretty well on my niece’s acne.” — Anonymous

“It’s pretty good.” — Anonymous 

“I really like your NuCell® GH3-Rejuv Nature Wash. I am ordering more.” — Roma, CA

“I am allergic to most products. I like your NuCell® GH3-Rejuv Nature Wash because it doesn’t irritate my skin.” — Pierina, TX

“I have received many compliments about my skin since using your NuCell® GH3- Rejuv Nature Wash. My friends say that my skin looks vibrant and alive. I love this product.” — Donna, TX

“I have very sensitive skin and the NuCell® GH3-Rejuv Nature Wash works great for me.” — Christina, NJ

“I used to have allergic reactions such as eczema but after using your NuCell® GH3- Rejuv Nature Wash my skin has cleared up tremendously and I really enjoy this product. I recommend this product to everyone.” — Kay, PA

“I love the clean feeling that NuCell® GH3-Rejuv Nature Wash gives me and I know that its natural. I recommended it to everybody and I’m buying 12 more bottles today! “ — Iris, MS

“Your NuCell® Nature Wash and GH3-Rejuv creme are not only great for my skin but also great for my rosacea. I have not had to use a topical or oral antibiotic for a long time since I started using your products! Thanks!” — Darcy, FL

“I use the GH3-Rejuv Nature Wash and my grandkids use it too. I just shipped two to Germany. It works great. Most of my family also uses it.” — Judy, AZ

“I have used nature wash for more than 10 years and go to an aesthetician and she remarks at the good condition of my skin and I don’t have wrinkles. I also use the NuCell® Exfoliating Wash and NuCell® Gh3-Rejuv Creme. my skin is great and I am 60 years of age.” — Anonymous

“I really like the NuCell® Nature Wash! I have sensitive skin and it does not create any flare-ups. I also have Rosacea and the NuCell® Nature Wash calms it down. NuCell® Nature Wash does not dry out my skin or leave it feeling tight.” — Collette, PA


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