Pink Relief – 64 oz. Refill

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4 oz. Fine Mist Spray

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64 oz. Refill

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1.7 oz. Ointment 

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1.7 oz. Creme

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1 of each item:

  • Pink Relief Spray (4 oz.)
  • Pink Relief Ointment (1.7 oz.)
  • Pink Relief Creme (1.7 oz.)


This amazing skin-renewal formula dates back to the 1970’s and has been a  consistent top reorder product for years!

  • Transforms ugly-damaged skin to a younger-looking, happy skin
  • Naturally Nourishes Healthy Skin
  • Naturally Moisturizes and Renews Healthy Skin
  • Addresses a myriad of skin issues, including the signs of aging
  • Naturally reduces the signs of premature aging caused by electromagnetic pollution

Apply the mist spray several times daily. Bathe in it. Soak feet in it. You cannot use it too often nor too much.

Zincboracyl® crystals are a unique compound wherein macro and micro minerals are combined with beta hydroxy acids to allow nature to create a beautiful crystal. The benefits of regular use are immense. Please share your product experience for a free product reward.

Use in conjunction with EMF-DTX (ZX) for best best electromagnetic pollution protection.


Contains: reverse osmosis water , zincboracyl® crystals, ionic trace mineral blend, potassium iodide, red cabbage color, hyaluronic acid and citric acid.

9 reviews for Pink Relief – 64 oz. Refill

  1. Joyce Ross

    I have used this fantastic product for many years. Spray burns immediately and, spray again. 3 sprays and no more pain. Skin quickly healing. Stop the itching of mosquito bites and fire ant bites the same way.

  2. Deborah G.

    Outstanding service!
    We had an emergency at home with a huge cut/open wound.
    Needed the Pink Relief ASAP.
    Ordered, and wrote a note. Product showed up at our home within 24 hrs.
    Thanks so much!
    I refer all your products to friends and family!

  3. Alisa

    I use it on my face as a toner after washing. I like the way my skin looks afterward. I also have a reoccurring eczema-like rash on my hands. The Pink Relief seems to reduce the inflammation. I also had a dry and red chapped lower lip for the past year that didn’t seem to go away no matter what lip product I used. After spraying the Pink Relief on it a few times a day for 2 days, it’s now completely gone!

  4. Susan Gauthier

  5. Deborah G.

    Stocked up on 4 of these. Diana packed them with LOVE!

  6. Sheryle P.

    I’ve loved this ‘Pink Stuff” as I’ve always called it and was excited to see that Longevity Formulas had a great sale which I took advantage of. I previously had purchased this from another company, but they have always acknowledged that Dr Martin was the inventor. I am currently trying it on skin tags. I realize it is a slow process, but I believe I am seeing some changes. I spray this on my face and hair. I’ve used it on burns and rashes and cuts. I do not swallow it, but I have used it as a mouthwash when my gums were infected, and it helped. This is a product I never want to be without!

  7. Thomas D.

  8. Diane

    Cut my finger….sprayed with pink stuff….practically healed overbite. I’ve been using this stuff for for more years than I care to mention. Am never without it.

  9. Charles


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