Pink Relief – 4 oz. Spray

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4 oz. Fine Mist Spray

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64 oz. Refill

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1.7 oz. Ointment 

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1.7 oz. Creme

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Combo PAK – Save $20

1 of each item:

  • Pink Relief Spray (4 oz.)
  • Pink Relief Ointment (1.7 oz.)
  • Pink Relief Creme (1.7 oz.)

This amazing skin-renewal formula dates back to the 1970’s and has been a consistent top reorder item for years!

  • Transforms ugly-damaged skin to a younger-looking, happy skin
  • Naturally Nourishes Healthy Skin
  • Naturally Moisturizes and Renews Healthy Skin
  • Addresses a myriad of skin issues, including the signs of aging
  • Naturally reduces the signs of premature aging caused by electromagnetic radiation pollution.

Apply the mist spray several times daily. You cannot use too much or too often.

Zincboracyl® crystals are a unique compound wherein macro and micro minerals are combined with beta hydroxy acids to allow nature to create a beautiful crystal. The benefits of regular use are immense. Please share your product experience for a free product reward.

Use in conjunction with EMF-DTX (ZX) for best electromagnetic pollution protection.

Contains: reverse osmosis water, zincboracyl® crystals, ionic trace mineral blend, potassium iodine, red cabbage color, hyaluronic acid and citric acid.

4 reviews for Pink Relief – 4 oz. Spray

  1. M. Brown

    “That spray…I am blown away! In a few hours, I feel like it already looks different! I’m speechless. I am sooooo grateful.”


    Would NOT be without it! Use it on my face and neck at least twice daily, and have shared it with more people than I can remember. If I get too close to the hot oven rack … or any other hot surface … while cooking, the Pink Relief comes out immediately, quelling the burn in an instant. When my (91-year-old, at the time) mother developed shingles on the left side of her face and INSIDE her left ear, I urged her to use Pink Relief … and RELIEF is precisely what she experienced. Truly, it is an amazing product and, again I say, I would not be without it.

  3. Lynda Hoheisel

    “I had a burn from unknowingly touching some undiluted hydrogen peroxide that was in my refrigerator. The bottle somehow disintegrated. Pink Relief immediately gave relief to the burn and I never had any problems after that!!!”

  4. Rory Leguee

    I take pink relief 2x a day for rash, wrinkles, age spots, sunburn, and candida; my face is less red, supple, and clearer; thanks

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