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BOOK #1: An amazing 32-page book last printed in 1976 by the now-deceased author. The urine/saliva test described in this book is revolutionary, to put it mildly. This test, which is now known as the BIA® continues to improve and save countless lives.

BOOK #2: An 80-page book written by me explaining my wonderful experience with using the BIA®. These books have saved thousands of lives.

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Order only “The Curse Causeless Shall Not Come.

Order only “Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow.

This Book Pak contains two books that can change your life!

The Curse Causeless Shall Not Come is an amazing 32-page book that explains how a simple soil analysis applied to the human body chemistry by using urine/saliva can help you know exactly what to eat, not eat, drink, not drink, do, not do, think, not think, take, not take to restore your ability to convert food into energy at the maximum efficiency possible.

The result is that you create the perfect environment for wellness to occur in your body. You are not sick because you have a lack of prescription poisons in your body. You are sick because your body chemistry is so out of balance that your body cannot heal itself.

I was given this book in 1975 and it turned my life upside down. Almost 50 years later, I cannot find another test that does as much for so little. Lives have been saved by following the regimen suggested by the test results.

Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow is an 80-page book that I authored in the 1980’s, explaining my experience with the urine/saliva test and why I was more excited about it, after working with it for 5+ years, than I was in 1975.

An amazing book showing you how to take control of your health by using urine, saliva, hair to allow your body to talk to you regarding what it needs to maintain wellness. Health can be simple when you are concentrating on insuring your basic foundation is intact.

Reduce the need for fancy tests, medical expenses and more by reading and heeding!


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